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Mysterious Mounts Feature

Find all information related to the innovative mystery mounts feature: how to obtain, the existing list mounts in-game, mystery mounts and mystery mount box.

1. Existing mounts.

There exist two types of mounts on all our game-worlds: regular and mystery mounts.

These mounts don't require premium in order to use, so no matter if you are free or premium account, this feature is a RPG option to every single player of the game.

2. Regular mounts.

The regular are the ones which can be obtained trough quests, taming items or purchased trough store. To guide with a complete and detailed information, check our list here.

3. Store: Mystery mounts.

In Masteria we like to use the forgotten graphic content, so you will see in our store new mounts in our category list to display some mystery mounts, for example:

Wounded Cave Draptor
Thornfire Wolf
Ghost Apparition
Ghost Wolf

4. Mystery Box: Regular mounts.

Also there are exists other way to obtain mystery mounts which can be acquired trough mystery mount box.

This item is looted from Chayenne, Ferumbras, Orshabaal, Ghazbaran and Morgaroth.

Mystery Mount Box

The complete list of available mystery mounts, which this item gives is the following:

Mount Name

Mutated Tiger Hellhound Feversleep Shark
Brimstone Bug Silencer Terramite Scarab
Young Sea Serpent Tortoise War Wolf Marsh Stalker
Nightmare Scion Nightmare The Rage Blood Crab
Carrion Worm Rotworm Hydra White Sheep
Crystal Spider Kongra Tarantula Polar Bear
Thornback Tortoise Carniphila Blood Beast Swarmer
Seacrest Serpent Bonebeast Toad Armadile
Crystalcrusher Hyaena Gnarlhound Lancer Beetle
Glooth Anemone Vulcongra Yielothax Mutated Rat

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