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Achievements Feature

Find all information related to the innovative achievement feature: how to progress, the existing list of all achievements in game, the existing ranks, rewards and proper bonuses, checking your current status and small tips.

1. Achievements progressions.

Achievements are extra goals that can be accomplished while playing: doing quests, discovering secret places or making some extraordinary things, like taming mounts, creating items, acquiring outfits or addons, etc.

Every achievement will give you between 1~10 achievement points depending on the difficulty which it takes. To see a complete and detailed list of every achievement, visit this link (Wikia Fandom).

2. Ranks, rewards and bonuses.

Earning achievement points will improve your rank, giving a reward for reaching a new title. Also by achieving ranks, you will unlock new bonuses, which refer to permanent XP boost and improved loot:

High Explorer200-

3. Checking your rank.

You can check your current achievement points, rank tittle and unlocked bonuses on Quest Log. Also you can search a character on website and it will display it's current tittle.

4. Tips.

Tip! The bonuses from Explorer and Challenger stacks over each other, so you can earn a total of +15% bonus of permanent XP boost and improved loot.

Tip! By Christmas, NPC Santa Claus will give mount Blazebringer to player who have 250 achievement points or more.

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