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Live Casts overview and information

You can enter a live cast by login into the game leaving empty the fields of account number and password. Just don't write anything in those two fields and just press enter.

Then you'll see a list of all available casts. Choose the one you would like to watch. After login into the cast, you can talk with the rest of the audience and to the streamer trough the Cast Channel.

In order to see a protected cast you need to enter the respective 'password' in the login screen, and the list of casts will be updated with the casts with the matching password.

You can use hotkeys Ctrl +  or Ctrl + in order to switch between active casts!

List of commands available:

Currently available commands for spectators
Command Description
/name Change your name on chat with player and other spectators.
/show shows Displays the amount and nicknames of current spectators.

Available commands for streaming players
Command Description
/cast on Enables the stream.
/cast on <password> Enables the stream with password.
/cast off Disables the stream.
/cast desc <description> Sets description about your cast.
/cast kick <name> Kick a spectator from your stream.
/cast ban <name> Locks spectator IP from joining your stream.
/cast unban <name> Removes banishment lock.
/cast bans shows banished spectators list
/cast mute <name> Mutes selected spectator from chat.
/cast unmute <name> Removes mute from selected spectator.
/cast mutes Shows muted spectators list.
/cast shows Displays the amount and nicknames of current spectators.

Currently active broadcasts
Outfit Name Description Spectators Password
178 Elite Knight
- 3
Natine Destroy
304 Elite Knight
'such a good day to full pg on 30|% more exp bonus, with my full afk drakens xenobot script. priv msg if u would like to buy this script ;) not reactin to messages on spectator channel' 2
Negro Comeback
359 Elder Druid
- 1
Gofixs Gitejro
248 Elder Druid
- 1
229 Elder Druid
- 1
210 Elite Knight
- 1
Rook Dee
121 Rookstayer
- 1
8 Paladin
- 1
274 Master Sorcerer
- 0
Vass Yxa
284 Elite Knight
- 0
Todwax Ders
224 Elite Knight
- 0
166 Elite Knight
- 0
Gandi Gandalf
210 Master Sorcerer
- 0
238 Master Sorcerer
- 0
Dice Bot
157 Paladin
253 Master Sorcerer
- 0
Anders Bagge
178 Elite Knight
- 0
214 Paladin
- 0
197 Elder Druid
- 0
252 Elder Druid
- 0
Wojciu Ed
211 Elder Druid
- 0
237 Royal Paladin
- 0
192 Elite Knight
- 0
Krankheit Nbl
211 Elite Knight
- 0
Anderss Bagge
183 Elite Knight
- 0
Warjant Kelly
228 Elite Knight
- 0
Gruby Janusz
125 Royal Paladin
- 0
266 Royal Paladin
- 0
212 Elite Knight
- 0

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Masteria mission and vision

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The existing vision is to be the most authentic and popular OTS in the world, providing in the future all PvP versions existed ever.

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The mission to accomplish our goal starts by having the most experienced administrative team led by Kito; with the most accurate and skilled developer team that existed in the history of OTs formed by Streamside and Joerod. Also special thanks to Eloth team at the beginning of the project.

The entire team works very hard day by day to manage the game; correct and fix every bug report; adapt every single feedback received through all social media; and bring to you the best gaming experience ever existed by adding the most original and authentic content with the latest features.

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Most of the income is reinvested into the server, in order to maintain and/or grow up; and our future plan is to conquer North and South America with new worlds too. We also have plans to open 8.0 and 7.0 versions under the brand of Masteria, adding the current RPG content to those versions.

So by purchasing coins, you will be supporting us in our long-term project, which is here to stay forever, naming this as the promises forever.

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