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Rules overview

Masteria is an online role-playing game in which hundreds of players from all over the world meet every day. In order to ensure that the game is fun for everyone, we expect all players to behave in a reasonable and respectful manner.

We reserve the right to stop destructive behavior in the game, on the official website or in any other part of our services. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following content exposed ahead.

Character names

Offensive names

Names that are insulting, racist, sexually related, drug-related, harassing, impersonating or generally objectionable names; (e.g, "Stupid Retard", (e.g. "Nigger"), (e.g. "Pornstar"), (e.g. "Weedsmoker"), (e.g. "Arieswer instead of Arieswar"), (e.g. "Hitler").

Name Containing Forbidden Advertising

Names that advertise brands, products or services of third parties, content which is not related to the game. (e.g. "Microsoft Warrior"), (e.g. "Mobile Sale"), (e.g. "Snickers Druid").

Unsuitable Name

Names that express religious or political views. Names like (e.g. "Muslim the Paladin"), (e.g. "Hindu master"), (e.g. "Pope Frank"), (e.g. "Master George Bush"), (e.g. "Democrat") are not allowed.

Name Supporting Rule Violation

Names that support, incite, announce or imply a violation of the Tibia Rules. (e.g. "Hackers Rox"), (e.g. "Admin on Masteria"), (e.g. "Spammkiller").

NPC and character and creature names

Names that are identical or refers to one of the above. (e.g. "Dragon Loord"), (e.g. "Giant Spider"), (e.g. "Grizzly Adams"), (e.g. "King Tibianus"). General names like (e.g. "Beatrice") and (e.g. "Bob") are allowed.

Game vulnerabilities

Cheating, bug abuse, and gameplay weaknesses

Exploiting obvious errors of the game, website and on the forum known as "bugs".
For example to duplicate items, abusing in-game shop etc. All bugs should be reported immediately through (!bug <description>) or post a thread on the Forum under "Reports".
Retrieving information trough vulnerabilities from website or in-game will be considered as "hacking", so stealing other players' account data or items will be punished.
Note: By connecting to the account from website or in-game, all IP logs will be retrieved to anyone who has access to the acccount as Polish Law stablish. This information can be found at Manage Account Connection Entries Log History, which provides a complete log of datetime and IP of last 50 connections to your account in-game.
Claiming a bounty that has been put on you with your other character.

Behaviour on staff members

Gods, Community Managers, Gamemasters and members of Support

Threatening a staff member because of his or her actions or position.
Pretending to be a representative of Masteria or to have an influence on the decisions of any Support member.
Intentionally giving wrong or misleading information to a staff member concerning his or her investigations or making false reports about rule violations.

Keep in mind, members of the staff will never ask for your account data.

Public channels


Advertising on any other channel than "Advertising".
Using multi-client to spam the same message or asking another player to repeat the same message.

Statements on global chats
This doesn't apply to Local Chat.

Publishing clearly wrong information about or calling a boycott against Masteria or its services.
Insulting, racist, sexually related, drug-related, harassing or generally objectionable statements.
Excessively repeating identical or similar statements or using badly formatted or nonsensical text.
Advertising brands, products or services of third parties, content which is not related to the game.
Religious or political public statements or other public statements which are not related to the topic of the used channel or forum.
Disclosing personal data of other people. Every person has a right to privacy. For this reason, the only person that may share data of her-/himself is the person her-/himself.
Statements that support, incite, announce or imply a violation of our rules.



Casinos are only allowed at houses.

External transactions

Buying items or characters using real life money and losing any content related to the transaction, will exempts us from any liability.


Violating or attempting to violate the Masteria Rules may lead to a temporary suspension of characters and accounts.

In severe cases, the removal or modification of character skills, attributes, and belongings, as well as the permanent removal of characters and accounts without any compensation may be considered.

The sanction is based on the seriousness of the rule violation and the previous record of the player.

It is determined at the sole discretion of the Administration and can be imposed without any previous warning.

These rules may be changed at any time. All changes won't have to be announced on the official website.

Disclaimer: When creating an account, we assume that you accepted the rules.
Last modification: 02/02/2019 14:45 GMT-3.

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The existing vision is to be the most authentic and popular OTS in the world, providing in the future all PvP versions existed ever.

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The mission to accomplish our goal starts by having the most experienced administrative team led by Kito; with the most accurate and skilled developer team that existed in the history of OTs formed by Streamside and Joerod. Also special thanks to Eloth team at the beginning of the project.

The entire team works very hard day by day to manage the game; correct and fix every bug report; adapt every single feedback received through all social media; and bring to you the best gaming experience ever existed by adding the most original and authentic content with the latest features.

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Most of the income is reinvested into the server, in order to maintain and/or grow up; and our future plan is to conquer North and South America with new worlds too. We also have plans to open 8.0 and 7.0 versions under the brand of Masteria, adding the current RPG content to those versions.

So by purchasing coins, you will be supporting us in our long-term project, which is here to stay forever, naming this as the promises forever.

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