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Mar 19 2019 - 
Today's maintenance planned will be longer than planed. We will be back during the course of the day.
Mar 13 2019 - 
Today at 20:00 CET will be performed small maintenance on game and some patches will be applied to the game. We expect to be back by 20:30 CET.

Some of them were retrieved through Forums and also from !bug <description> command, and some others are just security things which need to be performed. The list of the updates is the following:

Sea Serpent cave will now require the usage of a helmet of the deep in order to enter.
Glowing carrot will now be able to be equipped on ammunition slot.
Several updates on The Forgotten Knowledge Quest has been done, related to the Time Keeper, Cosmic Energy Pism (A, B, C, D), Dragonking Zyrtarch, Lady Tenebris, Lloyd, The Blazing/Freezing Time Guardian, Last Lore Keeper, and The Astral Sources.
An issue related to the baking tray has been corrected.
When repairing the soft boots with Aldo, he will put the items into your backpack instead of your feet equipment slot.
The Siege Master outfits on Store has been corrected.
Dorian will now have a smaller walkable path.

This maintenance is an essential part in order to enable the beta client 11.80 (in order to enable eventually client 12.00), which will a possible condition to the future guild war tournament.
Mar 13 2019 - 
The winner of 1,000 Tibia Coins on Masteria or CipSoft has been already chosen. Check it on this post on our Fansite.
Mar 08 2019 - 
The host has been transfered succesfully, which now means Mtibia team has the control of the host securely.

Right now the operations are just missing the Cloudflare setup, which we are waiting for the ex-former team to give the respective information to continue working without any downtime.

We are protecting the integrity of the game, and we will ensure that everything is secure.
Mar 07 2019 - 
During this week, there has been some contact with Eloth team waiting to validate the transfer of the host interface. Since there haven't been any reply during the last 4 days, we have started backing everything: characters, website, game, etc.

We want let you know that from today if the server suffers any disconnection or any harmful damage, some cards will be played in this poker game in order to protect the integrity of Masteria.
Sorting 1,000 Tibia Coins on RL or Masteria!
Mar 01 2019
Dear community,

The winners of the house contest events are:


1. Nefroti x1 Contest prize item
2. Merrol Inferna x400 Masteria coins
3. Kot Bandyta x60 Premium days


1. Crystal x1 Contest prize item
2. Merrol Inferna x400 Masteria coins
3. Nefroti x60 Premium days


1. Kot Bandyta x1 Contest prize item
2. Nefroti x400 Masteria coins
3. Puchacz x60 Premium days

During the course of the weekend the prize will be given and also the winner of the 1,000 Tibia Coins on CipSoft (or Masteria) will be announced through our fansite!

It's time to determine the house with more reactions! Just by giving reacting you will have chances to win 1.000 Tibia Coins on Tibia.com or Masteria.net!

Likes have a small chance of winning.
Commenting by tagging a friend has a bigger possibility of winning.
Sharing an image has even a greater chance of winning!

Time to play, the winner will be chosen during March 8th.

House event, XP & Skill weekend & patch notes
Feb 15 2019
Dear players,

Contest: During the following days, the best images will be selected to be posted on our Facebook Fansite, stay tunned!

We would like you to invite participating on a new and different contest, on where your vanity, decorative skills and showing-off your rare items will be the main content of this attraction on this House Event.

Everyone is invited to send their picture trough the chat on our official website. Just proceed as this example:

The images will be received between 15th and 24th February, then the best ones will be selected and uploaded to our Facebook Fansite, on which they will be participating under three categories:

1. Beautifulness: Based on the best design, theme or aesthetic concept, on which judges from Administration and Developer team will place their votes.
2.  Rareness: Best collection of rare items, which each item will grant a score.
3. Reactiveness: The picture with more likes, comments and share will win this category, also the participants of this category will enter into a contest on which will be sort 1,000 RL Tibia Coins.

Each category will have first, second and third place, on which will be sorted a contest prize item with a dedicatory of the event to the respective winner and it's place, some Masteria Coins and also some premium days as consolation prize those who participate and have a decent picture.

The details of the rewards will be given during the publication of the pictures on our social media.

Changing drastically the subject in matter, we want to celebrate and cheer up with you the our second month online. So between server saves of 22th and 25th February, a +30% XP & Skill Event will take place on the game and all monsters will yield some extra amount of the usual experience points, and your skill training, including magic level, will advance faster too.

More over, trough today's server save, we've applied some corrections which will be detailed later. All of them were retrieved trough Forums and also from !bug <description> command.

Patch notes information:
UPDATE: The product Reset your Recovery Key has been enabled at Store.

1. Website

After next server save will be possible to buy again a new recovery key from Store, which will be available after seven days at Account management, which will no longer be sent to the e-mail address and will be shown once.
Tasks section has been updated aesthetically and also some information has been corrected.
Forum section has received a minor aesthetically updated and also a spoiler information has been added giving information about a new Xenforo upcoming soon.
New payments methods has been enabled at Purchase Coins section which cover world wide: PayGol and PayPal.
Server information (F.A.Q) section has received some information update.

2. NPCs

Talila now buys gold nugget, gemmed figurine and tiger eye.
Yana no longer will reply to mayhem, carving or remedy keywords and no longer will take the respective gold tokens when trying to exchange deprecated items.

3. Creatures & spawns

Aggressive Lurkers were replaced for Aggressive Lava on new warzones.
The east raid at Glooth Factory has been nerfed in its respawn time and also the creature has their melee damage reworked, this mean their minimum damage will no longer be zero.
The boss Rupture had it melee damage and spell combos diminished drastically.
Cave Devourer and Tunnel Tyrant had their spell combos great differed in order to reduce a little their damage.
The loot list of all Falcon bosses has been corrected.
The melee damage and spell combos of the Triangle of Terror bosses has been increased.
Juggernaut melee damage has been increased.
Creatures will now look to the right direction when surrounding a target, having a similar behavior as RL.

4. Items & runes.

Falcon coif now will get properly two imbuiments slots.
Magic walls and wild growths runes will no longer persist with a random timer to decay.

5. Quests

Necromancers won't restart their killing count after reloging anymore.
The quest log of Krailos tasks will now show the correct amount of necessary kills.
A new task of Minotaur Invaders has been added to Killing in the Name Of... Quest.

6. Others

Mounts, outfits and addons will no longer require premium to wear them.
Muting will now be stacked at advertisings channels.
The shortcut at Farmine related to The Falcon Bastion requirement of minimum level has been corrected.

Patch notes:
The product to renew recovery key will be enabled during 16th February.

Mystery mounts, battle rules, stow items menu & patch notes
Feb 06 2019

Dear community,

A new RPG content has been added to the game and it's related to those forgotten creatures which would look great as a mount, as an example you can see some examples below:

Wounded Cave Draptor
Thornfire Wolf
Ghost Apparition
Ghost Wolf

For further information we invite you to take a look on to the new section Mystery Mount Feature, where you will find all information related to the this innovative characteristic: how to obtain, the existing list mounts in-game, mystery mounts and mystery mount box.

On the other hand, we want to invite you to participate and give your ideas on the new Battle Rules which are going to be added as a optional feature to be set up when inviting a enemy guild into a War Mode.

And finally the new Stow Items Menu feature is going to be added to the game by the following days. Firstly our support members will have access to test it and provide feedback, and then it will be enabled to the public.

This system will allow to move in one single click your loot bag items from a specific category, such as green djinn, blue djinn, rashid, yasir, creature products, imbuiments items, potions and gems into a selected depot box.

More over, trough today's server save, we've applied some corrections which will be detailed later. All of them were retrieved trough Forums and also from !bug <description> command.

Patch notes information:
1. Website

Rules has been updated and have last modification set to 02/02/2019 14:45 GMT-3.
From now Wars will now let to choose a custom limit of frags.
Management Account have received an aesthetic upgrade.
Forums has received some updates too in order to let you track in an easier way the reports, obviously our to-do list is still private.
A new section on Management Account has been added, named Log History which allow to have access to the last 50 connection entries and see which IP address has been trying to connect with wrong password or successfully with the respective date-time.
Map Feature has been added, which will allow you to find NPCs, creatures, explore map and track walking routes over the map.
Quests & Access has been added, which contain all information related to the game modifications, details and status of respectives quests.
When registering an account, the recovery key will not be sent to your e-mail in order to improve security.
When enabling 2-step verification, details won't be sent to email in order to improve security.
When purchasing a character at Character Auction, you will need to confirm with password and recovery key.
A new site map at the bottom of the site with mission and vision of Masteria.

2. NPC

Yasir now properly buys volatile proto matter, dangerous proto matter and plasmatic lightning.
Won't be possible to use keyword kick if player has protection zone locked.
A Sweaty Cyclops will exchange infernal bolts properly, without throwing them to floor under certain circumstances.
Black Bert now responders properly when couldn't trade due to not completing it's related quest.
Tamoril will now buy golden mugs looted from all creatures which suppose to loot them. This patch is not retroactive, this mean previous looted golden mugs, won't be able to be sold.
Jean Pierre will now ask one powder herb instead of three for it's third dish in the Hot Cuisine Event Quest.


Mystery mount box is now possibly to be looted from Chayenne, Ferumbras, Orshabaal, Ghazbaran and Morgaroth.
Part of a rune (three) is now looted by The Time Guardian.
The empty flask obtained by using potions from "your store inbox" will be sent to equipped backpack.
Stonecutter axe now properly have level 90.
When using a bucket into chalk for Falcon Ritual, it will display more friendly messages.
Ring of plasma green has it's duration corrected.
Thunderheart hauberk and platemail had their elemental resistance corrected.

3. Quests

All quests which requires to pull a lever in order to enter a room and face the boss, will now teleport properly the player if stacked with a creature or summon.
Black Knight Quest will now properly give the second option of silver key.

4. Creatures & bosses

Deepling bosses will now have a different seed per day when appearing.
The Old Widow and The Many won't appear repeated anymore on it's lair.
Gaz'haragoth had it's loot table statistics refined and it's melee combo reworked.
Glooth Powered Minotaur will lose their power when walking over glooth extractors.

5. Rookgard

Killing in the name of... Quest tasks are now able to be done after level 180.
Rookgard Annihilator quest has been enabled.

5. Spells & runes

Now wild growth and magic wall runes are considered as attack in their group cooldown.
When using a machete or a tool gear to cut a rush wood from a wild growth rune, and then using another wild growth rune over, it won't disappear before the expected time.
The cooldown of energy wave and great energy beam have been reduce by two seconds in order to improve the hunt mechanics of sorcerers, concerning in PvE situations.

6. PvP Improvements

Closing doors will now force move the player over any item which blocks path-find, but can be moved, i.e. trough or baskets.

7. Others.

From now when getting muted, it will display a link to rules on website.
All chat channels now require a minimum of level 30 to talk.
Depot limitation between free and premium now works as intended.
Namelock won't allow to have double spaces on name anymore.
On market will now be able to buy/sell golden mugs looted from all creatures which suppose to loot them. This patch is not retroactive, this mean previous looted golden mugs, won't be able to be sold.
Some map updates has been applied to the game.

Patch notes::
The task Raiders of the Lost Spark on Bigfoot's Burden Quest has been disabled until further news.

New highscore, compensations, weekend event & patch notes
Jan 30 2019

Dear players,

As we expected last weekend, a new peak record was beaten and we would like to say thanks, for letting us to beat our previous highscore. Now the current highscore is set to:

1,408 players online on January 19, 2019, 4:17 pm CET.

Even when the last week was intense, we continued working and today we will give you an extended review of patch notes, with lot of corrections, but also we will talk about some missing things that were in debt with you all.

First of all, the compensation due to last week network traffic issues on previous host, has been reviewed and analyzed a couple of times by the administration. Today finally a decision has been taken and 1,633 deaths from 1,132 unique players will receive a compensation during 29 lag spikes, for more detailed information click here.

The compensation will be given by your next login, between February 1st and 6th, 2019.

Secondly, we promised to improve X-Logging and since the interval reduction prevented almost 90% of deaths during 23th January, it will stay as it is due to a successfully adaptation.

Also a new Anti-Lag Protection feature has been added to increase our security layer against issues related to third parties. When the game detects an increment of latency to some random & different targets, it will stop the time on the game, preventing creatures/players from moving and attacking, and if for some reason a player dies, it will be reverted, compensating immediatly it's experience lost, blessings, amulet of loss, items and will just feels as a teleport to temple.

When this protection is triggered, it will alerted and all information will be saved in order to have immediately data for further compensation and don't have to wait one week like happened at this time.

Changing drastically the subject in matter, we want to motivate you playing this weekend on a different RPG style. So between server saves of 1st and 3rd February, a +30% Task XP Event will take place on the game and all tasks finished and claimed will grant an extra amount of the usual experience points.

More over, trough today's server save, we've applied some corrections which will be detailed later. All of them were retrieved trough Forums and also from !bug <description> command.

Patch notes information:
1. Website

Updated section of rules and now casinos are not allowed any more at any depot. Instead they will be only allowed at houses. They will need to use allow_trash feature, for more information look this tutorial.
Some aesthetics improvements have been done in some sections: latest news, live casts, recorded casts, character auctions, characters, who is online, bounty hunters, banishments, achievements feature,
A new button to switch language has been added at top-corner left position.

2. NPCs

Now will be possible to find NPCs by using spell Find Person, for example exiva "Yasir.
Black Bert will now sell postman present and morik's helmet.
Yana correctly responds with character name when having a conversation.
Yasir now buys dracoyle statue.
Rashid will be more friendly and answer when not having the goldfish bowl.
When buying amulets, rings or exercise items which have charges, using the option "buy with backpacks" will now work properly.

3. Items & depot

Umbral master one-handed weapons have their imbuiments slots corrected.
Goldfish bowl has been changed it's description to avoid confusions in some quests.
Water pipe can now be used.
Plasma necklaces have their duration corrected.
Tree chest and simple arrow will no longer give debug when used.
Tower shield and royal helmet will no longer display vocations on it's description.
Obsidian truncheon will now require properly knight vocation.
Items required for dragon hide protection and precision imbuiments have been corrected.
Oriental shoes now require properly level 80.
Several items had their weight corrected.
Items won't disappear any more when moving on second page and after on containers with pagination.
The depot for free players allows up to 2,000 items, and for premium allows up to 10,000 items.
Items will stacked properly when moving from one corpse to another.

4. Creatures & bosses

Dreamhaunters have been corrected their loot list, loot probabilities and improved their spell probabilities for combos.
Retching horror had now corrected it's loot list.
Mootant had now corrected it's loot list.
Deepling guard and serpent spawn corpses has been corrected and now will have 10 seconds of owner protection.
Drakens have their strategy attacks reworked and also their spell probabilities for combos has been corrected.
Rift worm, rift brood and rift scythe have their strategy attacks reworked and also their spell probabilities for combos has been corrected.
Enslaved dwarf, lost basher, lost berserker, lost husher and lost trower have it's strategy attacks reworked.
Kongra, merlkin and sibang have it's strategy attacks reworked.
Kollos, spidris and spidris elite have it's strategy attacks reworked.
Grimeleech and Vexclaw have it's strategy attacks reworked.
Enfebleed silencer and weakened frazzlemaw have it's strategy attacks reworked.
Lizard have their strategy attacks reworked and also their spell probabilities for combos has been corrected.
Grim reapers have their strategy attacks reworked and also their spell probabilities for combos has been corrected.
All warzone IV, V & VI creatures have their strategy attacks reworked and also their spell probabilities for combos has been corrected.
Lava lurkers will now sense invisibility.
Ice dragons have their resistances corrected.
Deathling spellsinger has it's speed corrected.
Frost flower asura and minotaur invader can now be found at prey list.
Glooth anemone, glooth golem, war golem and rushteap golem have their strategy attacks reworked.
Unstable tunnel had it's summon spell reworked.
Kroazur teleport won't be able to enter with protection zone locked.

5. Map & raids

Some map aesthetics errors has been corrected.
Some pyramids at ankrahmun have been corrected and won't allow to enter with protection zone locked.
Glooth factory south raid increased respawns timer.
Glooth factory west raid had it's spawn slightly reduced.
Falcon shortcut trough farmine has been enabled.
Ghazbaran and Orshabaal announced raids, now will display a message every 5 minutes.

6. Quests

Killing in the name of... quest, on task Hellspawns task has been corrected the amount of points to receive when claiming the reward.
Killing in the name of... quest, on tasks Warzone IV will now be possible to count drillworms.
Killing in the name of... quest, on tasks Oramond Nature has been reduced their kills by 34%.
Quest log of killing in the name of... quest, on tasks of Necromancers will now show properly priestess, blood hands, shadow pupil and blood priestess.
Forgotten knowledge quest allows now to use secret door with just lantern if you have killed lady tenebris before.
Quest log of achievements typo has been corrected.

7. Spells, runes & commands

Levitate spell now will work on any combination of capitalization of keywords up/down.
Magic wall and wild growth will now considered as group cooldown of attack spells.
Commands !kills and !frag were deprecated.

8. Houses

The command allow_trash has been enabled in order to allow casinos in houses. You can see this tutorial if you need help.
Kick spell works as intended for house owners, house sub-owners and guests list invited.
Moving wrap packages over loot bag at your inbox, will no longer make disappear the packages.
Bath tub is not disappearing any more at houses after server save.
When using !sellhouse command or alana sio spell to sell the house, it will show properly the document to the players involved in house.
Players invited with trough guest list, won't be able to open doors, but you can give them access to open doors by adding them properly trough "aleta grav" spell.

9. Others

On reconnect, after using exit, there won't be displayed repeated any container at auto-opening them.
Corrected typo at automatic-broadcast messages.
The X-Logging feature will stay with the 5 interval per seconds.
The death redemption prices at store has been corrected on it's description according to the respective level.
Players who had NPC & creatures names will receive a namelock forced, which will be need to be handled trough website.
Namechange in store has been improved.

Host migration to France, death compensations & X-Logging
Jan 21 2019

Dear community,

As our host supplier has problems with their data-center located in Warsaw, Poland , we've decided to perform some latency studies yesterday morning in order to determine our future possibilities to migrate the host.

Thanks to some participants, the results have concluded successfully and there existed some options, so today we've decided to:

Migrate the host to Gravelines, France

This will reduce the latency to all players from EU by 30~40%, and for players from Poland, it will increase just 5~15 ms, which is a substantial change.

Although, we've been analyzing about 10,000 20,000 deaths in order to determine which ones occurred during lag spikes between yesterday and today, while the network traffic issue persisted in our host supplier.

"...Those deaths will be compensated in their 100% lost experience points, considering them all were protected by the first blessings and also will receive a monetary compensation proportionally to the cost of the first five blessing..."

On the other hand, the X-Logging feature is under review in order to improve it and make it work correctly to prevent deaths trough unexpected disconnection.

Scheduling information:
Last update: January 31, 2019 at 13:52 hours:

January 21, 2019 at 13:52 hours:

We will keep you informed on the scheduled times about the host migration, keep playing normally since there is not going any kind of rollback.

January 22, 2019 at 00:29 hours:

The death list of compensations has been calculated and the last registry of death was on January 22, 2019 at 00:12 hours.

January 22, 2019 at 07:29 hours:

X-Logging system has been improved but hasn't been integrated into the game yet, since it's under several tests.

January 22, 2019 at 11:52 hours:

The host is being set up and optimized meanwhile, some improvements are being done in order to migrate the host smoothly, fast and correctly.

January 22, 2019 at 12:12 hours:

As the current host at Warsaw, Poland is still having network traffic issues, the compensation list will be re-analyzed after the host migration is done.

January 22, 2019 at 12:32 hours:

The X-Logging system has been modified as a preventive situation, so we suggest in case of another lag spike to close the client since creatures won't target you for 20 seconds, and after a total 25 seconds the system will kick you.

January 22, 2019 at 18:23 hours:

After a deep investigation, the network traffic issue is affecting the entire region at Poland, so even when we do the migration of the host, it is possible that players from this country will persist to have problems related to their internet supplier provider (ISP).

On the other hand, players from the Europe region as Italy, England, Spain, England, Switzerland, Sweden and even players from other continents such as America or Africa won't be affected by these traffic network issues.

January 22, 2019 at 22:44 hours:

All the setup, optimizations and test has been done successfully and so the compensation will be given when the stabilization of the game is perceived in its entirety.

January 22, 2019 at 22:58 hours:

The host migration from Warsaw, Poland to Gravelines in France, will be performed by January 23, 2019. Performing the following tasks:

1. At 7:00 hours a few more tests will be taken in order to make sure everything works properly. This might take a maximum of 4 hours.

2. When these tests are finished successfully, GOD Spider will connect to the game, announcing through a broadcast a shutdown for a maximum of one hour.

3. Formally news will be written on the website announcing the successful migration of the host.

The total process should take an estimated time of 5 hours:. If any inconvenient, we will keep you updated.

January 23, 2019 at 7:00 hours:

The test on the new hosts have started. The rest of the developer team has integrated a feature to measure latency from players inside the game in order to improve protection system.

January 23, 2019 at 8:34 hours:

The migration has started and in a few hours GOD Spider will announce the former shutdown on Warsaw, Poland host to start moving the game to Gravelines, France.

January 23, 2019 at 11:30 hours:

The announce of the migration has been scheduled at 15:00 hours and game will be offline for an approximated time of half an hour.

January 23, 2019 at 15:37 hours:

The migration has been done successfully.

January 24, 2019 at 04:31 hours:

As the new host has been working without any network traffic inconvenient, the analysis of deaths has been done once again, but this time it has been reviewed 20,000 deaths.

The compensation has been published on this thread and soon the experience lost and blessings costs will be given.

January 24, 2019 at 05:22 hours:

The list of compensations is under review. If you are interested and you like maths, you can read this post where it is explained how it was used a key performance indicator to analyze the formula to retrieve the compensation of a brute data of 20,000 deaths.

The results are being reviewed by the administration and when the results are evaluated, a decision will be announced if the list will be updated or not.

January 24, 2019 at 21:33 hours:

The list of compensations will be updated in order to compensate 1,481 deaths instead of 394 as calculated at the morning. The list will be published during the following hours.

January 25, 2019 at 16:52 hours:

The list of compensation has been updated and a total of 1,481 deaths will be compensated. More information and details can be found at this post, where you can follow-up when and how it will be done.

January 29, 2019 at 22:43 hours:

The list of compensation has been updated and a total of 1,633 deaths (1,132 unique players) will be compensated. More information and details can be found at this post.

The compensation will be given during the following days, after your next login and this will start from the next server save. The XP will be given immediatly and the money will be sent as a parcel to your inbox to your bank balance.

January 31, 2019 at 13:52 hours:

The list of compensation has been updated to it's version 4.0 and a total of 1,259 deaths on 964 unique players will be compensated starting from tomorrow. More information and details can be found at this post.

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